A delicious south indian snack, goes well with afternoon tea, as well as after school snack. Famous and a regular snack in many tamilians family. This one particularly, I am still following the same recipe my Amma told me. But honestly, never tasted like my Amma's. Amma you are the best ever!
2 cups fine rice flour
1tbsp fine roasted urad dal flour
1tsp chillipowder
1tsp salt
1tsp hing
1tbsp melted ghee or butter
1tsp cumin seeds
In a big basin or vessel mix all the above items. Add little water at a time and slowly make a dough which is thick and stuffy consistancy. Make small balls with hand and stuff this mixture into Murukku Mold(you can buy in many indian shops) and directly squeeze into hot oil. Deep fry slowly on simmer flame until the Murukku turns into golden brown. Remove from the oil and leave Murukku on a paper towel until the towel absorbs most of oil. That's it, Murukku Ready, We can keep this fresh in an air tight container for nearly a month, if your family can resist that long. Check another beautiful and best recipe of Murukku from Asha's here


Rajitha said...

i agree..even if we follow the recipe 100% it does not even come close to what they the murruku.crisp and yummy!!

Neelam said...

I love this snack...feel like eating it right away!

aruna said...

Thank you Rajitha. Your ribbon pakoda is beautiful.

Thank you neelam. I love the colour Pink in your blog.

Asha said...

Hi Aruna, those chaklis looks fabulous girl,making me crave for some now!
Can I have this post for RCI K? Chaklis or Murukkus are from K'taka too!:))

Pooja V said...

I love these chakalis... golden and crisp

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice colour! looks crisp and delicious!

Nags said...

its been so long since i bit into a nice and yummy murukku.. nice!

Sharmi said...

the murukku has adopted a lovely color. every ones favorite snack:)

Mona said...

Hi Aruna, these are called as Murkul in my place, and i really loooooooove them. Am a bit afraid of deep frying, so much bubbling hot oil.., so i usually avoid deep frying foods, i wish there a diff way to make murkuls other than deep frying !!

bindiya said...

have been looking for a recipe ,yours look great!