Pesarattu(Green Moongdal dosai)

When I was working in Andhra, I had to travel to work for nearly an hour and half to reach workplace. So I leave home at around 6:30am after drinking my mum's fresh filtered coffee to catch bus. We have canteen run in our office premises. In that canteen they prepare this "Pesarattu" which is usually served with coconut chutney and sambhar. But somedays they make it with tomato chutney. Whenever they announce "pesarattu" day in their menu, I make sure I reserve a table for me and grab few of my colleagues and spend our morning tea break enjoying this special "pesarattu" with another cup of coffee. Oh!! those days!!! I requested my colleague to find out recipe from the canteen cook and this is what he gave me, which i still follow.
3cups green moongdal
1cup raw rice
1tbsp corn flour
2 green chillies salt
For filling
1cup grated carrot
1cup finely cut red onion
2green chillies fine sliced
Method: Soak green moongdal and rice overnight and grind them finely along with green chilli to dosai consistency. Add salt, let it ferment for overnight. Just before preparing "pesarattu" mix with cornflour and prepare "pesarattu" using hot nonstick pan. Serve with Tomato chutney


Suganya said...

I know onion+green chillies+cumin. But carrot is new to me. Looks nice.

aruna said...

Hi Suganya,

Thank U for visitng. I like your Kathirikai Rasavanghi. I am going to prepare that today for our lunch.

Rajani said...

Hi Aruna,
Your pesarettu looks delicious. Adding corn flour and carrot is new to me.

Me living in New Zealand.


aruna said...

Hi Rajani,

Welcome to my blog. Yes, I have been told by this cook that if you add a bit of cornflour the dosai will be lot crispier than if you use just moong and rice.
The combination of carrot, green chilli and onion on a green pesarattu is a special treat to our eyes as well as to tastebuds.

Suganya said...

Gr8. Hope you like rasavangi.

Jyothi said...

Hi Aruna, really great and tasty breakfast. Even adding cornflour is very new to me. next time i will try your version. Thanks for sharing.

BTW I added your blog name in my blogger's list. Keep on coming dear.

Richa said...

Pesarattu looks so good, my mouth is watering looking at the pics, just beautiful :)

aruna said...

Hi Jyothi,

Thank U for including me in your blog. Nice of you visiting.

Richa, Thank U for visitng.


vegetablej said...
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vegetablej said...


This looks yummy. I tried dosai just once but didn't have a lot of luck. I wonder if you could tell me (who is just a beginner at Indian cooking) how to grind up the rice and dal? Do you use a special tool or can you use a food processor? I'd like to give these a try. They look simple and delicious.

Also do you have a coconut chutney recipe, or do you know where I can find a good one?

Sorry for the deletion, typos.

aruna said...

Hi Vegetablej,

Yes you guessed right! There is a special tool called "grinder" I use. I normally buy this one in India. But i am not sure whether you get this in Japan. Unfortunately, food Processor does'nt work for this dosai batter.
When it comes to how long you need to grind, i grind for 45 to 60 minutes and ferment it overnight.

For coconut chutney receipe I recommend you to have a look at this blog, from Indira, she has many more chutney recipes as well, She is the inspiration for my interest in this cooking blog world.
Thank U for visiting.