Our Sunday Special lunch#2

Our sunday special lunch for this week is mix and match from few fellow bloggers recipes and my friend's Special sago and beetroot payasam. List goes....
Maanga Saadam(Mango Rice),
Podalangaai Koottu(SnakeGourd Koottu),
Cucumber thair Pachhadi(Cucumber Raita),
Onion Vadagam,
Sago and beetroot payasam.Maanga Saadam:
2 cups Rice,
2 Green Mangoes,
1/2 cup fresh grated coconut,
1/2 cup curryleaves,
2green chillies,
4 red chillies,
coriander powder-1tbs,
Hing, Turmeric, salt-as required
Mustard seeds for tadka

Cook Rice, spread in a wide basin mix with 1 tbsp olive oil plus turmeric. keep aside.
Roast some peanuts and remove its skin and keep aside.
In a pan dry fry all the above ingredients except green mango and coconut. Grind them to a fine paste, add mango and coconut grind again. In a separate pan add a little bit of peanut oil, add mustard seeds and the above mango mix, turnoff the stove and let it cook in that heat for couple of minutes. Evenly mix this paste with the above cooked rice add some salt and roasted peanuts in between mixing. Maanga sadam is ready.
SnakeGourd Koottu
2 cups finely cut snakegourd
1 cup toordal boiled
Grind 1/2 cup coconut, few green chillis, 1tbsp jeera, 1tbsp dry roasted urad dal into fine paste adding a bit of water. keep it aside. In a vessel add cut snakegourd pieces cook with little bit of salt and turmeric until they are tender. Add cooked toordal and ground paste at the same time and cook for another few minutes until the koottu thickens. Finally temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Beetroot and Sago Payasam
Beetroot 1/2 cup -boiled
Sago 1 cup - soaked 2 hours and boiled with little water until tender.
1tbsp coconut
1tbsp ghee
1 cup brown sugar
Milk 2 cups
Cardamom, cashew nuts as required
Grind coconut and beetroot together with little water.
In a Vessel melt brown sugar and ghee, when melted, add ground coconut and beetroot. After couple of minutes add boiled sago and milk. Let it boil for few minutes until sago becomes like pearl. Add cardamom powder and turn heat off. Add fried cashews. Pour this into serving dishes and keep it in the fridge to become firm. Just before serving either add a scoop of vanilla ice cream in summer or finely cut fruit salad during winter.


Richa said...

beetroot payasam has such a pretty pink color, must taste yum :) lovely spread you have there!

Viji said...

The beetroot payasam is new to me,looks easy.Quite interesting.Thanks for sharing.

TheCooker said...

The beetroot payasam looks intriguing. Love the colour.

aruna said...

Hi Richa, Viji, and Thecooker,
Thank U for visiting.

Kajal said...

Beetroot and sago payasam….nice combination and look great in color with coconut,milk....I like your mango rice also.....by the way I like every dish with row mango. Thanks for sharing nice recipe.:)

aruna said...

Hi Kajal,

Nice of you visiting. Yeah! me too I just love any dish with raw mango!

Julie said...

That looks so inviting, I love the colors so cool and refreshing.