Healthy Snack - Cornflakes & Nuts Mixture

This receipe is a perfect healthy snack with our traditional mixture/chivda style. I first come to know this from Latha's Masala Magic for snacks. Here is the link I have followed the exact recipe from Latha's. Thank you once again Latha, for sharing this recipe. Here in Australia, we can find these multigrain cereal and puffed rice etc ., in woollies.

You need:
2 cups plain/original Corn Flakes
2 cups Rice original rice pops(from organic health food section)
2 cups Whoel Grain from kellogs
3 tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt to taste
1 cup Peanuts
1 cup Cashews
1 cup Channa Dal (the one we use for coconut chutney & mixture etc)
1cup curry leaves
2 tbsp Oil

Method:In a pan, heat the oil. Add the Peanuts , channa dal and cashews and roast until golden brown. Dry out any excess oil, by spreading on a paper towel. In the same pan, fry curryleaves until crispy. Mix chillipowder, turmeric powder, cereal, salt, toasted nuts, curryleaves and mix well until the entire mixture gets coated and turns into a golden yellow colour in a large mixing bowl. Let it Cool and store in an air-tight jar. Goes well with hot cup of tea or coffee or as an after school snack with milk or juice for kids.

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