Cabbage Pachhadi

This receipe is from a friend from Andhra. As all of us know, Andhra is famous for pachhadi's, I was thrilled to try this one out when she mentioned something different from cabbage against all time cabbage curry. Keeping this as basic formula for pachhadi, you can try with different variety of vegetables like carrot, capsicum, brinjal etc.,

½ cabbage- chop it roughly.
2 Red coloured green chillies(if you cant find red chilli you can use normal green chillies)
1tsp tamarind paste
2 garlic pods

1tsp mustard
few curry leaves
1 tsp channa dhal
1tsp urad dhal
a pinch of hing
a pinch of turmeric powder(optional)

In a Pan, add 1tbsp oil, add chillies and garlic, fry for couple of minutes covering with lid( be careful chillies might split and pop). Add chopped cabbage and start frying on mild flame until cabbage loses its raw smell( 10 or 15 mins). Turn stove off and let this all cool.

Now grind the above cabbage along with tamarind paste and salt to a fine or coarse paste. Scoop into a fresh clean bowl and temper with the mustard, curryleaves etc.,

Very tasty with hot rice with a little bit ghee & And cucumber salad or as a spread on toasted bread as a quick snack, with some chopped tomatoes.

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