Tulip Flower Show & Dates Burfi

Here is couple of photos from our long weekend trip to Canberra Floriade Tulip Flower Show. Have you ever seen a Black Tulip(check in the second photo).

Check this sweet as well.....
A friend at work gave me this recipe( Sree this is your recipe and thank you), At that time, I did'nt think that this will be a hit at my home, but after preparing, within minutes all of them disappeared and I had to fight my own temptation to finish the rest before getting a picture done. So here it goes, a very very simple and fast sweet i have ever come across plus lot goodness.
1 cup seedless dates
Fist full of roasted and peeled ground nuts
Microwavable bowl.
Ghee 1 tsp
Spread a small plate with 1/2 tsp of ghee. Mix rest of 1/2 tsp ghee and dates in a microwavable bowl and heat on high for only one minute. while its still warm quickly mash the entire mixture with a fork or back of spoon until you get a mixture like ball. Spread this mixture in the above plate and spread flat. Arrange roasted Peanuts pressing on the mixture.
Cut into equal square or triangle pieces. Separate them and Store it in air tight container if they can last that long. Enjoy a quick and healthy snack in minutes.


Asha said...

Beautiful pics Aruna. Date burfi looks yum!:))

Sharmi said...

lovely pics and a delicious looking sweet!

Ramya said...

lovely pics of tulips.And dates burfi is looking delicious

Tracy said...

What lovely flowers!! I enjoy taking pics of flowers so I could spend all day there.

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Kajal said...

Yes I find black Tulip in second photo. Looks very beautiful!!!!!
This is my all time favorite sweet. I like your way to cook. I will also try it in this winter. Thanks for sharing.:))