Chineese Veg SpringRolls

Veg springrolls are a delicious snack and all time favourite among many kids. My method of preparing these springrolls may not be traditional. I will have a pack of springroll sheets in my freezer all year. Whenever there is leftover potaot sabji, which I usually prepare for dosa or chaptahi or sometimes I have used pavbhaji too as filling for springrolls. This one particularly made out of pavbhaji. I am still not ready to try this on my guests, but they all disappear within minutes after preparing, between my kids with tomato sauce or soy sauce.


A delicious south indian snack, goes well with afternoon tea, as well as after school snack. Famous and a regular snack in many tamilians family. This one particularly, I am still following the same recipe my Amma told me. But honestly, never tasted like my Amma's. Amma you are the best ever!
2 cups fine rice flour
1tbsp fine roasted urad dal flour
1tsp chillipowder
1tsp salt
1tsp hing
1tbsp melted ghee or butter
1tsp cumin seeds
In a big basin or vessel mix all the above items. Add little water at a time and slowly make a dough which is thick and stuffy consistancy. Make small balls with hand and stuff this mixture into Murukku Mold(you can buy in many indian shops) and directly squeeze into hot oil. Deep fry slowly on simmer flame until the Murukku turns into golden brown. Remove from the oil and leave Murukku on a paper towel until the towel absorbs most of oil. That's it, Murukku Ready, We can keep this fresh in an air tight container for nearly a month, if your family can resist that long. Check another beautiful and best recipe of Murukku from Asha's here

Vegetarian Noodle Box with Tofu

Asian Vegetarian Noodle box is one of my favourite lunch, I would like to order whenever I think of take out for lunch. After trying out few times, I want to introduce this to my family and see how they going to like it. Even though I started as an experiment this turned out to be one of our family favourite. This is one recipe which takes very less cooking time but lot of time for preparation. For this recipe I have used the following vegetables. But depends on what you have in the fridge sometimes you can omit or add one or two vegetables.

I used the following vegies today..

1 carrot diced
1 capsicum diced
2 or 3 buches bokchoy- roughly cut
Fried Tofu cubes - 1 pack
bean sprouts - 1 cup
sprouted alphalpha- 1/2 cup
Spring onions - 1 cup
Tomato sauce or chilli sauce, soy sauce(as per taste)
1tsp honey
Sesame seeds - 1 tbsp(roasted will give nice aroma)
1sp garlic crushed
Boiled instant rice or Hokien noodles - 500gms.

Method: Wash all vegetables and bokchoy. To a smoking hot wok add bit of peanut oil, and immediately add garlic and all other vegetables except sauces, honey and sesame seeds.
Stirfry for couple of minutes and then add tofu, sauces & honey. Stirfry for couple more minutes on high flame, now add noodles and keep stirring for few more minutes. Finally add roasted sesame seeds and sccop into a bowl or plate. Serve hot with favourite drink or sometimes mango or plain lassi goes very well with this dish, and complete meal for whole family.