Breakfast-American waffles

This is another breakfast which my kids enjoy. There is nothing complicated about this one. But the mix and match is what they like in this. Sometimes I present this as it is, some times i cut slices of banana and decorate on waffles. Either way this is another hit in my house, so i am sticking to it.

On the plate ........
Hardboiled egg - boiled for 15 mintues
Cornflakes and oats with dried fruits with milk ofcourse.
American waffles toasted with little butter.


DEEPA said...

simple breakfast , but a healthy one .Kids would love them

Hima said...

Love waffles. I am coming up with my version of oatmeal waffles. Do check it if you are interested. The photo is looking great.

Vcuisine said...

A healthy spread - inviting. Viji

aruna said...

Hi deepa, hima, viji,
Nice of you visiting.
Hima, I cant wait to try your oatmeal waffles. Wonderful presentation.