Our Sunday Special lunch

Every Sunday i try to prepare something special for my family as i feel after a long working week we all deserve tobe treated ourselves with a special food. After lunch we normally take a small stroll either to shopping or sometimes to swimming pool or if it is bright sunny afternoon to a nearby park and let kids play and we sit down and watch them while chitchatting. Last week i have prepared Methi Pulav with Carrot Thair Pachhadi and Tindora Fry with some Rice Pappadams. Of course, i did'nt ignore our sweet tooth and prepared some Carrot Halwa.
Recipes for CarrotHalwa and Tindora Fry will follow soon... for now here is my recipe for Methi Pulav and Carrot Thair Pachhadi. This is very very simple and quick meal.

Methi Pulav
1 cup Methi leaves
2 cups rice( I use andhra Sona Masuri rice)
1 green chilli
1/2 cup Green Peas Frozen can be used
1 pod garlic(optional)
Method: In a Pan add 1 tb spoon ghee when its hot add chopped green chillis and garlic pod, fry for a few seconds, add Methi leaves fry for another minute or so, and then add washed rice to this mixture add some salt and mix well for couple of minutes until the rice is well coated with methi and green chilli masala. Transfer this to rice cooker add enough water and cook it.
While this pulav is cooking prepare for Carrot Thair Pachhadi. You need a cup of grated carrot and a cup of Yoghurt, one chopped green chilli. Mix all these three together add bit of salt and tamper with mustard and curry leaves. That's it Methi Pulav and Carrot Thair Pachhadi ready.


Aruna said...

Hey Aruna, First time here, u have a nice treat for urself there.
Methi Pulav looks yummm!!!!

Do checkout my weekend lunch plates :)


Lata said...

My first time here too, Methi pulao looks yummy.

Swapna said...

Hi Aruna,
Welcome to the blog world!
Wow..what a feast!

Sharmi said...

hey lovely Palate!! the pulao looks so good with sona masuri.

aruna said...

Hey Aruna, Lata, Swapna and shammi,

Thank U for visiting my blog and passing on some nice and lovely comments.


Roopa said...

hi Aruna,
First time here welcome to the blog world.

you have a nice spread there

aruna said...

Thank U Roopa