In Bangalore, the site of these chat corners used to be a favourite stop for me after work and during weekends with family on our way back to temple. Masala puri is one dish which still makes my mouthwater. After coming to sydney I craved for this dish. Which, somehow inspired me to regenerated this recipe with the ingredients available and according to my taste. Since then, this is one of the regular dish atleast once a month in our home. Eventhough it takes some time to prepare, its well worth the effort with a cup of coffee and favourite book for a good weekend relax. Here it is... and dont forget to post your comments...
What we need....
1. Masala puffed rice
2. Green and spicy chutney
3. Dry green peas masala kurma
4. Omapodi/Karasev- 1/2 cup
5. 1 - small red onion
6. 1 small boiled potato mashed
7. Roasted peanuts
8. Roasted channal dal/ Pottu kadalai
Recipe for Masala Puffed Rice
Puffrice -1 cup
1tsp chillipowder
1tsp turmeric
1tsp oil
1tsp crushed garlic
few curry leaves
Method: In a big vessle add oil, when heated add crushed garlic, turmeric, chilli poweder, curryleaves and saute them until a good aroma fills your kitchen turn stove off while the vessel is hot add plain puffed rice and mix well until the the masal coats puffed rice. Add some Keep this aside.
Recipe for Green spicy chutney
4 seedless dates-soaked for 1/2 hour
2 green chillies
tamarind pulp 1 tbsp
coriander leaves-1 cup
cumin seeds-1tsp
few curry leaves
Mix all the above ingredients and grind them finely into a food processer or coffee grinder.
Recipe for Dry Green Peas Masala
Soak Dry green peas overnight and cook them well with low heat for an hour. In a vessel add bit of oil and 1tsp chillipowder, 1 tsp curhed garlic and ginger when brown add cooked peas and add some salt and let it simmer for another 1/2 hour. when finished add finely chopped and coriander leaves and bit of lemon juice.
Recipe for karasev/omapodi
1cup rice flour
1/2cup basin flour
2tbsp omam/Ajwain (soaked for half an hour in a cup of water)
1tsp chilli powder/1 tsp salt
Mix all the above ingredients with Soaked Ajwain water. Mix to a consistency of thick dosa batter. Pour the batter in the Seva presser or Murukku press straignt into hot oil and deep fry them until brown.
How To Serve
First scoop a laddle full of peas kurma to a plate. on top of it add Masala puffed rice. Roasted Peanuts goes next. Red onions goes next. To this add some mashed potatoes. To this mixture add some Karasev and finally the green chutney. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy the homemade MasalaPuriChat....

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