Pumpkin and Moongdaal subji

This dish is pretty simple and you can mix and match with many other vegetable like potato carrot, beans etc.,

We need..
1 cup moongdall soaked overnight and boiled for 10 mintues
2 cups pumpkin or any other choice of your vegetables finely cut into small pieces.
For tempering
1tsp mustard
1tsp cumin
1tsp red chillies
1tsp oil
few curry leaves
1tsp urad daal
1 tsp channa daal
To prepare...
In a vessel add oil and start frying from mustard to channadaal by adding one by one. Add pumpin and let it simmer for few minutes stirring occasionally until pumpkin pieces are half tender. Add soaked and boiled moong, cover and let it simmer for few more minutes. After 5 minutes remove lid, add salt and cover it and leave for 3 minutes on simmer. Turn off after 3 minutes. This subji can be used as a side dish for rice or with roti's. One of my work mate tried this dish with potato, it turned out great and tasted wonderful. Thank you "S" for trying and sharing.

Simple Chapathi and Daal with Salad

There is quite number of dishes that goes well with chapathi. When it comes to Daal and chapathi the simplicity of this dish gives as much satisfaction as with other dishes.

I am sure there is no need for me to write a recipe for this one, but i do want to mention that the when it comes to daal recipes, there is no other place than Sailu's JFI Event roundup http://www.sailusfood.com/2006/07/10/round-up-of-jihva-for-ingredients-dal/, where you can find more than 45 recipes using daal. This event which ofcourse is brain child of http://nandyala.org/mahanandi/. Have fun!!!

Beetroot Pulav

This dish has been in my mind for a while, which I wanted to try after tasting it in one of the picnic parties I attended. The recipe is just similar to ghee rice recipe except instead of onions we use beetroot here.
We need....
1 cup finely grated beetroot
3 green chillies+ 3 pods garlic+a big piece of ginger- grind to a fine paste
Spices - cloves, bay leaves, cardamom - according to your taste.
1 sp ghee
3 cups rice - washed and drained- Basmati Rice tastes divine.

In a nonstick pan add ghee when its melted add all the spices. Saute few seconds, add chilli and garlic paste. Few minutes later add grated beetroot. Keep mixing it for couple more minutes until the raw smell goes. Add rice and mix well. Transfer this mixture to rice cooker add 3 cups of water and cook it. Goes well with onion raita or cucumber raita with some papadams.
This is my entry to JFI-Rice hosted by Sharmi of Neivedyam.

Here is a plate for you....Enjoy!!